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Christmas in Basel, Switzerland

Just got back from an amazing Viking River Cruise along the Rhine River to visit the Christmas Markets. Our cruise took off from Basel, Switzerland. We had just a quick afternoon trip into Basel, but it was well worth it.

A quick helpful note about money in Basel. We were not sure if we would have any time to go into Basel and Switzerland does not use the Euro. I pondered getting some Swizz Francs, but didn’t want to be stuck with them if we didn’t have any time to explore. People online recommended that they had some cash machines in the area that exchanged Euros. As it ends up, you can pay at most of the markets in Euros. They will ony give you change in Swiss Francs, so you need to be strategic, but at least you can shop :-).

After doing a year’s research preparing for this trip, seeing one of these giant pyramids was high on my “Christmas Market Bucket List”. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little excited when this in was my very first glimpse of a Christmas Market.

Christmas Market Cruise

They had adorable boot shaped mugs for the gluhwein & hot chocolate which we enjoyed!Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

These guys were animated and singing. I felt like I was back at Disneyland back when they had the Country Bear Jamboree.Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

This was a decoration on top of one of the booths. They also had these in mini sizes you could buy. The prices were far better than anywhere else we saw later in the tip. This is a little odd because Switzerland is known for being super expensive.Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

The Christmas Markets in Basel wound up, down and around the streets with a main one in front of the church.Christmas Market Cruise

I really enjoyed some of the different spice booths at the various Christmas Markets. Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

I never made it to an official Kathe Wohlfahrt shop, but this mini one in the main Christmas Market was handy. I also saw one like this in Strasbourg.

Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

The pretzel we got here was larger than our heads! Super yumChristmas Market CruiseChristmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

I was intrigued at how often they decorated with stuffed animals. Not sure how well these would withstand the weather, but we were early in the season so they all looked good.Christmas Market Cruise