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Christmas in Cologne (Köln), Germany

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Continuing up the Rhine, we get to Cologne, Germany or Köln as it is known locally. This was the largest city we visited on our cruise and a fantastic day long adventure. The centerpiece of Cologne is the Kölner Dom or the Cologne Cathedral which is the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe. If you play your cards right, you can see the spectacular Dom in at least 3 different lights (morning sun, sunset and after dark). I highly recommend planning to spend a long day on Cologne. There is much to see and do. Another interesting note is that it is filled with Roman influence and artifacts.

Christmas Market Cruise

Loved the simple, but elegant decorations on this building near the Dom.

Christmas Market Cruise

It was always so funny to see the markets boarded up and quiet before they opened in the morning. Definitely, the calm before the storm.

Christmas Market Cruise

Something you would be unlikely to see available for sale in the US 🙂

The Christmas Markets are truly a treat for all of your senses. So many amazing things to see, hear, touch, taste and smell!

Christmas Market Cruise

As seen outside an Irish pub. Leave it to the Irish to be over it all…

Christmas Market Cruise

With so many markets in Cologne, we really enjoyed the different themes. This gnome market was cute.

I highly recommend taking the little tourist train around if you are trying to cover a lot of ground. Cologne is definitely the biggest city we visited and the sights are spread out.

Christmas Market Cruise

What happens when Santa has spent too much time at the biergarten.

Christmas Market Cruise

Speaking of biergartens, we had a fantastic German lunch at Früh and enjoyed some Kölsch which is the specialty beer of Cologne. Similar to  champagne, it can only be called Kölsch if brewed in Cologne. We have been lucky to find some Kölsch-style microbrews since returning home.

The Lindt Chocolate Museum was really cool. This lovely angel is made out of white chocolate and very large. In contrast to these cute & too cool Santas.

Christmas Market Cruise

I love nutcrackers! This guy was awesome!

Christmas Market Cruise

The theme of the Christmas Market near the chocolate museum was nautical. Fun and different!

Christmas Market Cruise

More fun things to see back at the market near the Dom.

And in case we are hungry….


It is always good to know that your hot dogs are #blessed.

As the sun sets, it casts a lovely golden glow over the cathedral.

Christmas Market Cruise

The lights begin to come on.

Christmas Market CruiseChristmas Market Cruise

And more magic is sprinkled over a lovely day.

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